Thursday, February 14, 2013

Two Giants: Roumi & N'Dour

Song: Biladi Ana/Les amis du monde (Click to listen)
(Tr: My country/Friends of the world
Country: Lebanon & Senegal
Genre: Collaboration
Language: Arabic & French
Video: Live performance 2009
Album: Ghazal (2012)

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In this beautiful collaboration between two highly respected artists, soprano Majida El Roumi and the Griot (story teller) now Minister of Tourism & Culture in Senegal, Youssou N'Dour, our common humanity is celebrated. We are friends of this world. The message in the song is amplified by the intercontinental and  interreligious aspect of the collaboration, Roumi a Lebanese Christian and Youssou a Senegalese Muslim. 


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Shakespeara!

Unknown said...

Note that the lyrics (arabic part) are originally a poem by the Great Saiid Akl, one of the greatest lebanese writers and poets of all time.
Awesome Song!

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